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Welcome to our Website! The first discovery of the art of stained glass has been found in ruins that date back to the first century AD. Research provides information that both the Egyptians and the Romans excelled at the manufacture of small colored glass objects.

Stained glass now is a process by which glass has been colored by adding metallic salts during its manufacture. Pieces of glass are then cut out and arranged to form patterns or pictures, and held together by strips of lead which is supported by a rigid frame.

Stained glass requires much artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design. Much skill is required to assemble the piece into an art form. This results in a beautiful art display in a window illuminating rays of sunshine reflecting myriads of beautiful colors.

Each of our stained glass art creation varies in size, shape and color. All our creations are original in design and begin with a sketch and then each piece is hand cut, crafted in the Tiffany style with copper foil and soldered in lead with the finest craftsmanship.

Bluesmaven Stained Glass Art is proudly associated with Texas Glass Artists Association.




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